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Who is Parisian Puppies?

Get to know us!

Can you come see the puppies without a deposit? The short answer is no. We are NOT a puppy store. Please understand you are one of MANY families that want to come meet the puppies. Meeting multiple families over and over again is not only disruptive for my young family but also the puppies. This is very time 
consuming for us and also opens up our puppies to possible exposure to deadly bacteria and viruses. Because of this we first start with a virtual "meet and greet" where we can meet and you can see the puppy. Once a deposit is placed on a puppy, the family can schedule a physical meet and greet!

All our dogs (females and males) are family pets. This word "pet" can be used so subjectively. When we say they are our pets we mean that they live actively inside our home, alongside us and our children. They eat inside, sleep inside and watch TV on the couch with us. Our home is kept clean and safe. We ALWAYS encourage prospective buyers to come visit with us in our home. Most, if not all, say they are amazed at the keep our our home, dogs and the puppies. 


Vet refrences are always available and puppy buyers are kept up to date on their pups progress with pictures, extra cuddle visits and emails. We have a limited number of dogs in our home. We feel that a controlled number of dogs can provide all the attention and adequet socialization each puppy needs before they leave our home and litter mates. We recommend a few basic questions be asked to the breeder you have in mind. Remember, your new Poodle, French Bulldog or Goldendoodle puppy will have come from this home, so it matters a lot. 


1. Ask to see parents. If you can meet them that would be best. Temperment from the parents will almost always be passed down to your new  puppy. If the parents are extremely timid, scared, angry, agressive or seem sick that would be your first warning sign. Also, if the breeder cannot give you much information on the parents that would be enough for you to decide to walk away.


2. See where the puppies are kept. Mom should be kept close to pups and pups should smell clean and look clean. Foul smelling puppies or puppies that are kept unclean can indicate an issue. Mom should also look healthy and clean. Cleanliness can have a big impact on the puppies health and parasite control. Puppies learn so much the first few weeks. Puppies that are taught to potty in a certain area and to stay clean will continue that in your home. 


3. Ask to see all the other dogs the breeder has. This questions is not always asked. A lot of breeders have dogs in runs outside. Some are well maintained and others are not. Please, never support a puppy mill. Ask your questions. 


4. Ask to read their contract. A contract should be simple to read. Include any and all information on your puppy's health, future health and any guarantees the breeder makes. If you are getting a poodle, frenchie or goldendoodle puppy with AKC, CKC, or UKC papers this should be stated. 


5. Maintain communication. A good breeder will follow up with you. Offer advice with potty training, behavior issues and health issues. A breeder that is hard to get in contact with, doesn't give you their contact info or will not allow you to meet at their home is a warning sign. Because we value our safety be prepared to give your photo ID BEFORE a home address is given and to do a virtual visit beforehand. Because we aren't trained vets or dog trainers we can offer support but it might be limited to our experience and what works for us. PLEASE sign up with our friends over at Baxter & Bella to start puppy training BEFORE you take your puppy home so you are prepared!

ENROLLMENT CODE: Parisianpuppies 


We welcome home visits via appointment ONLY. If you have scheduled a visit in our home please know that we will ask you the following: 

~An active ID - we want to ensure our safety since we are opening our home to you. Do not bring anyone else with you that hasn't been approved by the breeder. These means other family members too. Let us know before hand. Any adult coming to our home must provide an active photo ID. 


~Shoes off at the door - Parvo and other viruses can be carried inside on your shoes. Our poodles, frenchies and goldendoodle puppies health are our top priority. Please do not be offended if we ask you to remove your shoes at the front door. This also goes for children. 


~DO NOT visit other breeders BEFORE coming to our home. Not all breeders have the same standards of disinfection and cleanliness. That means that if they have a virus in their home or soil you can bring that on your shoes and that can be introduced into our home. Please helps us keep our puppies safe.

~ DO NOT bring your other pets with you to our home. We will not allow your pets in our home. Again, this is for the safety of our puppies. NO EXCEPTIONS

~Children - I am a mother of young children. I have taught them to be gentle and caring for all our dogs and puppies. If you are bringing your children to see the puppies please know that we will not allow the puppies to be handled by children and we request that all children refrain from screaming and running around, we want the new mommas and pups to feel safe and screaming can upset the new momma dog. 

DepositsOnce you place your official puppy deposit of $1000.00 this is NON-REFUNDABLE. At breeders discretion we may transfer your deposit to another puppy from a future litter. We cannot guarantee future litters, colors, size, gender etc. By sending your deposit you AGREE to these terms. A deposit will expire after two litters have been offered to puppy family from initial litter deposit was placed on. If the puppy family refuses  to choose a puppy from these litters your deposit will be forfeited. 

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