Welcome to the Parisian Family!

So you took the first step and placed your deposit on a beautiful AKC standard poodle puppy! What is next? Let's go over a few things that most new standard poodle puppy parents have questions about.

The first 24 hours

After you place your deposit on your new AKC standard poodle puppy you received a contract outlining all the terms of your puppy purchase, including costs, health, deworming, any issues that may arise ect. You should have received an original contract that was signed. Please keep your contract in a safe place at all times. 


At the time of puppy pick up you will go home home with an informational packet on food, health, diseases, training and contact information amoung other things. You will also recieve your Trupanion 30 day activiation certificate, registration application (if we have recieved it yet), new puppy kit with food and coupons, and most importantly your standard poodle puppy's health certificate. 


You have 3 days to take your new poodle puppy to the vet of your choice and confirm everything on the health certificate. I recommend going to a vet that you will continue to use and make a health record there for your puppy. They will need to give your AKC puppy the rest of his boosters and his rabies vaccination and do the spay or neuter. 


Always remember that your poodle puppy will always undergo stress when he is separated from his mother and litter mates. This can sometimes cause a puppy to refuse food and sometimes even get the grumblies in their tummy and cause loose stool. This is normal, but should be short lived. If you see that your puppy stops eating or drinking completely, looks sad or lethargic and won't play please see your vet right away. 


Nutrition is extremely important to keep your standard poodle healthy. Skin, eyes, joints and organs can all be negatively affected by the wrong diet. All my breeding aged Standard poodles and puppies are on a mixed diet of raw food and high quality commercial kibble. We try to keep our dogs grain free. Some dogs do fine with grains, but we have found that they do even better without it. 


Your standard poodle puppy has been eating a mix or raw and kibble food. Please look over the info sheet for specifics on what your puppy was eating while with us and how to either continue that diet or transition to the kibble of your choice. 


Standard poodle puppies need to have 24 hour access to clean fresh food and water. Please clean your pups water and food bowls daily to avoid bacterial growth that can cause problems. 




Your poodle puppy needs a series of vaccines early on to be safe from various viruses. Always consult your vet on what vaccines to give your puppy. Here at Parisian Poodles we only allow the 5-1. There are various reason for this, but mainly because we feel that the 7-1 and 9-1 vaccines have extra stuff that could potentially be harmful to your pup. 


Your standard poodle puppy has gone to their new home with ONE series of the 5 in 1. 


All dogs sold in the state of Florida must be sold with an active health certificate. This certificate certifies that the dog is in good health and free of parasites. This not only benefits the seller, but also the buyer. This certificate is only good for 30 days so make sure your new puppy's health certificate was valid when you took your puppy home. 


You will find the series of vaccinations your puppy got on this certificate. You will also see a the negative parasite exam result.


       For more detailed information on                     Parasites click here!