Congratulations on your new goldendoodle or french bulldog puppy! The most common questions we get is what to get your new goldendoodle/frenchie puppy. We have put together a list along with quick links to make puppy shopping a lot easier. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! 

Start-Up Essentials (Purchase before you bring puppy home)

All puppies will get a little stressed leaving their home and siblings. Adding a little pumpkin to their diet will help their tummy settle. We recommend you have these ALREADY in your home before picking up your new goldendoodle/poodle puppy. I mix this into their food daily. Even my adult dogs are on canned pumpkin for easy digestion.

Probiotics is a staple for our home. Both humans and dogs! All our adult dogs and poodle puppies are on probiotics. Daily puppy probiotics will help keep their immune system strong and even helps with seasonal allergies. Poodles and goldendoodles can get yeast easily in ears and paws and this stuff is amazing to keep it at bay. 

Our puppies are both litter box trained AND started on outside potty training. We recommend that you use a litter box if you expect to leave the house for longer than two hours. This will allow your puppy to potty safely and not have to hold in longer than necessary causing maybe an accident or a bladder infection. 

Your puppy will go home started on crate training. The easiest way to potty train and keep destructive behavior at bay is to keep your poodle/goldendoodle puppy on the same routine. I recommend a crate that will fit your puppy at adulthood. This will be your puppies sanctuary. We provide assistance with crate training. 

All goldendoodle and poodle puppies go through teething and therefore need a healthy outlet for that urge. We recommend NOT to buy raw hide or anything plastic. Antlers are healthy for both teeth and gum health. Your goldendoodle puppy will enjoy chewing on these and they last a very long time. 

We love slow feeder bowls. Puppies can eat so fast that they swallow air and can cause burping back up their food. These bowls are designed to slow down their eating and force them to chew the food. 

With a proper diet your puppy should be getting all the nutrients they need. We like to include some extra moisture in their diets. We use the same type of food in a canned version a few times a week to help with that. Remember  healthy puppy means healthy skin and coat and less dander and shedding! 

Keeping your puppies food in an air tight container will help retain the moisture and nutrients. These vaults are awesome and resistant to puppy chews, moisture and any other critters like ants. 

Your puppy will go home used to being in a puppy play pen such as this one. I usually attached the crate to it and put the puppy bed inside the crate and the litter box, toys, and food bowls inside the puppy play pen. This helps keep your puppy safe and the process of potty training a lot easier. 

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Nutrition (Puppy & Adult)

Your new french bulldog or goldendoodle puppy should be kept on puppy food until at least 1 years of age! We recommend  a high quality kibble for your new puppy.  Always get in contact with Emily to see what food your puppy is on BEFORE buying.

Goldendoodle Food


French Bulldog Food

All of our puppies are on Nuvet vitamins! Please order your puppy supplements ahead of time to ensure you have them for puppy pick up! 

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Whatever your budget is, puppy nutrition is something that should ALWAYS be priority These foods I always recommend to supplement with dry kibble to get the immune system built up and fill any nutritional gaps a dry kibble may leave. Please get with me to confirm which puppy food your frenchie or goldendoodle puppy is eating while here with us. We require all puppy parents to have both food and puppy vitamins in hand before taking puppy home. We want an easy transition for your new puppy. We also recommend having a good probiotic on hand along with pumpkin, and a goat milk supplement. French Bulldogs and Goldendoodle puppies grow at an alarming rate and they need all the nutrients in their development stages to grow up to be strong adult dogs. Below I have linked a extra supplements and treats I give my pups and adult frencchies and goldendoodle dogs. As always please consult with your vet if you have any questions! I am also always available via mobile phone to chat with you about your  puppy nutrition. 

Any health guarantee offered on our pups will be void if your Trupanion Breeder Certificate isn't activated within 12-24hrs of taking your puppy home.  

Puppy Insurance


Before picking up your new goldendoodle or poodle puppy you should have gotten a certificate to activate your new Trupanion Puppy Insurance. This MUST be activated BEFORE you take your puppy home. 

Trupanion provides a 30 day coverage for your puppy. I have linked their information to the left. There are various puppy insurance coverage companies. We have been using Trupanion for years now and have had great results and feedback on them. Your puppy's coverage ends after 30 days therefore please get with your Trupanion rep to ensure no lap in coverage if you wish to continue with the puppy insurance. 

Any health guarantee offered on our pups will be void if your Trupanion Breeder Certificate isn't activated within 12-24hrs of taking your puppy home.  

Bringing home your poodle or goldendoodle puppy should be an easy, fun and memorable experience. It is wise to have everything your new poodle or doodle puppy will need already home BEFORE he/she gets there. That way you can just focus on getting the puppy used to their new surroundings and getting loved on. Do NOT expose your puppy to any other animal, or take her outside of the safety of your home until ALL three rounds of puppy shots are completed. Your puppy has to build up his/her immune system completely and is at risk of contracting a deadly virus or bacteria until then. Even using used pet supplies can bring in contamination and risk the health of your new puppy. 


Potty training has already started before you brought your new puppy home and should continue on a regular schedule so the puppy has no disruptions and doesn't get confused. All our puppies are both pee pad trained and litter box trained. They have also gone outside to potty at least twice to three times a day (right after eating) so they know exactly what it means to be outside in the grass and what to do. It makes life a lot easier if you keep the routine and your puppy potty trains easier. DO NOT let your puppy use the bathroom inside their crate. Accidents do happen and if so quickly clean it up and spray down with a urine enzyme so they don't smell the urine on the crate tray. If it becomes a habit and it can be VERY hard to get your pup to stop peeing inside their crate. 

Chewing is also a very normal behavior for your new standard poodle or goldendoodle puppy. What this means for you is that if you do not provide adequate outlets for the chewing urge they will use other things such as walls, shoes etc. and can not only destroy expensive items, but this can also pose a health risk for your puppy. ingested items can cause blockages and damage or even kill your pup. 

We always recommend a good sized kong and antlers (slip or whole) for your pups. They last a long time, the antlers can provide minerals and clean their little teeth. DO NOT GIVE RAW HIDE TO YOUR DOGS! Its filled with toxic liquids used to strip and add colors, and can cause blockages on some dogs. 

Above we have listed some foods that we recommend for your pup. We feed a balanced diet of raw, commercial kibble and high quality dehydrated food here to all our poodle and goldendoodle puppies. You should have received some puppy food to take home with you. Please read our page on food transitions as to not cause an upset tummy on your puppy when you take them home. Otherwise, you might end up with some loose stools. This can make your puppy not be able to hold the urge and cause them to soil their crate and/or bedding.