Canine nutrition

The word RAW sometimes stirs fear into dog owners. The truth is that going raw is much easier than you think. The internet has a plethora of information and recipies that can make it much easier. We like to feed our AKC standard poodles our own variation of satin balls. It provides a complete nutrition and keeps teeth clean and fresh. Going raw will be about the same price as feeding high quality kibble. I have added some great informational sites that I have found can help when getting started. I also added my own version of the satin balls I use for my dogs. Remember, as with any new food start gradually and expect some loose stools for a few days. I use PROBIOS to keep their tummys in order and help prevent any loose stools with any change in diet or life style. 


As with any diet it is good to provide some extra boost of vitamins and nutrients. We love Nupro and add it daily to all my adult dogs food. We are NOT affiliated with any of these websites or products, but have found they work great. You can order most of these items from the internet.  

                                                                                                                                             ~Parisian Standard Poodles 


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